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Hi honey!
Welcome to the website of

Debra Monroe, the new Dutch 
Marilyn Monroe lookalike!

Marilyn Monroe look alike, Marilyn Monroe lookalike

Are you looking for a real entertainer for your
 event, company party or your special day?
Than you are at the right person!
Debra Monroe is a
professional Marilyn Monroe imitator 
and has already been booked numerous times
throughout the Netherlands
and is now also being booked throughout Europe!
Meet & Greets, singing for someone's birthday or acting?
Debra Monroe can do it all!
Don't wait any longer, and book her here! 

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe is her idol but also her greatest inspiration.
The reason why Deborah Bakker (a.k.a. Debra Monroe) wanted to be a Marilyn Monroe Lookalike? She puts a smile on your face and gives people the ultimate fifties feeling with her performance.
Only not her looks are not sufficient, even though they look suspiciously like Marilyn Monroe.
That is why she also follows singing and 
acting lessons to complete her Marilyn Monroe look, plus she has the best replica outfits to!
So in short, Debra Monroe makes Marilyn Monroe revive at her best!

She discoverd Marilyn Monroe!
As a teenager, Deborah was informed by her uncle that she looked suspiciously like Marilyn Monroe. Only she had never heard of Marilyn Monroe before. Astonished her uncle immediately showed some pictures of the young Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Baker). Intrigued and curious, Deborah began to read more and more about the life of Marilyn Monroe.

A Look a Like was born!
Soon she  found out that their youth had alot of similarities, and therefore felt very connected to Marilyn Monroe.
'' If Marilyn had lived in this time, we could be best friends '' she describes.

A first photo session gave Deborah the self-confidence to slowly but surely transform herself into the new Dutch Marilyn Monroe lookalike under the name: 'Debra Monroe'


At august 1 - 2012 there was been orginized a tour about Marilyn Monroe in hollywood. It was 50 years ago that she died that year.
Deborah was there from august 1 to august 6th. It was a wonderful experience and she has met alot of lovely and nice people who are also fan of Marilyn Monroe, even she knew these people only from Facebook.
She took part in a tombola and a hairpin of Marilyn was raffled.
And Deborah had won him! And that is the moste beautiful souvenir
she has so far.


“ I don't want to be just a woman alone, I want to belong.” 
― Marilyn Monroe ―