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Welcome to Debra Monroe's Wardrobe!

Op deze pagina kunt u Debra Monroe's nagemaakte Marilyn  jurken en outfits bekijken.  Als u Debra Monroe wilt boeken, kunt u kiezen uit deze outfits. En wilt u de outfits beter bekijken? Klik dan op de 2 pijltjes rechts boven in.

At this page you can see Debra Monroe's replica dresses and outfits of
of Marilyn Monroe. If you want to book Debra Monroe, you can choose at these outfits. And if you want to look closer at her dresses, please click on the 2 arrows right in the corner.

“What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course” 

― Marilyn Monroe ―